3D Payment Gateway

3D Payment Gateway

Online payment service via 3D Payment Gateway system in Thailand.

Get a verified card with real money only!

  • Accepted card companies: Visa, Mastercard and JCB
  • Ratio:
    • Sender = 65%
      • Sender’s side = 2.5%
    • Receiver = 30%
      • Receiver’s Side = 2.5% (Close)
  • Procedure:
    • Submit an inspection card (inspection fee applies)
    • Fill out the Details of Payments document.
    • The link will not be sent. we will press it ourselves Up to 35,000 USD. per time, can do unlimited times
    • The card owner is responsible for sending the OTP.
    • The card sent for inspection and the card pressed must be the same card!
  • Pay Out: within 24 hours.
  • Payment method:
    • Worldwide Bank Transfer (Responsible for fees)
    • BTC or USDT (Responsible for Exchange Rate and Fee)

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