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Terminal to Terminal

Terminal to Terminal

We are Terminal to Terminal Receiver in Thailand!

Online & Offline Direct on Account

Terminal to Terminal Receiver in Thailand Use a Thai bank to receive all the money. and distributed by percentage.

  • Condition:
    • Send Screenshot Funds for verification (there is a fee)
    • Inspection period 7-10 business days
    • After passing the inspection, make a DOA to set up the matter.
  • Ratio: 60+5%
    • Loader = 60%
      • Loader’s side = 2.5%
    • Machie = 35% (Closed)
      • Machine’s side = 2.5% (closed)
  • Tranches: Maximum per time 100M USD. (or depending on BO both sides agree)
  • Pay Out: within 48 hrs.
  • Payment method:
    • Worldwide Bank Transfer (Responsible for fees)
    • BTC or USDT (Responsible for Exchange Rate and Fee)
  • Note: Inspection fee if money is found And when it’s done, we give it back!